Blood And Zombies

is a thrilling first-person shooter with horror elements and lots of zombies. You need to withstand as many waves of zombies as possible, by building up defenses and heavy weapons, using a large amount of guns.
Blood And Zombie (trailer)
You are in the midst of a war with infected and mutated creatures. With the destruction of all humanity at stake, you have only one option left - to take battle with the enemy, destroy the infected and reclaim the whole world.
Challenge new inhabitants, clear the corners of the planet in this simultaneously beautiful and ruthless world. The night is full of dangers, cruel infected creatures and creepy screams. Try to get a lot of ammo and weapons, the night will be long.

Many crucial elements of Blood And Zombies are already set. The full version will contain character skills, multiplayer, more maps, more enemies and bosses, new building elements, a huge variety of different weapons and we have plans to add melee weapons.

Build fortifications
Buy weapons and upgrades
Destroy the infected
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